{{ copy.detail.summerbarin }} Assenede (Oosthoek 43)

Sfeerbeeld Baar OOST

What started as an initiative between 2 friends has become a household name in the region that attracts more than 2000 visitors every year. Baar OOST is a pop-up summer bar with a fantastic setting that takes place from 11 July to 14 July 2019 on the grounds of Garage Walter Van de Velde in Oosteeklo!

For four days you will be able to sit on the cozy terrace, enjoy numerous activities, good food and delicious drinks made by real professionals. We also provide top musical moments with a variety of unknown and well-known DJs. This year, Gunther D (Studio Brussels), Lady S (MNM) and Jolien Roets (Q-Music) are featured on our poster.

Furthermore, our guests are spoiled with a delicious brunch on Sunday morning followed by our popular old-timer ride in the afternoon. Even the little ones will not be forgotten and will be spoiled with bouncy castles and a craft afternoon.

Baar OOST is an accessible event for young and old to start the leave in a festive way!

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