Boelaer Zomerbar

{{ copy.detail.summerbarin }} Borgerhout (Te Boelaerpark)

Sfeerbeeld Boelaer Zomerbar

A very quiet location that nestles in the park, between the green of the trees and the new playground.
Very child-friendly, without any fuss.
We have local birches, and do everything with and for the neighborhood.

It is an initiative of all local residents, who keep the bar open in consultation with each other and the neighborhood.

A sticky or ice-pack on a broken knee?
An ice cream for sorrow and a pint for dad are comfort?
Outrun in the park and superdorst?
Whats even Whats app to the best friends to make the day fun?
And fritje or pizzake on our lawn-terrace?

Everything is possible!

Opening hours: every Fri-Sat and Sunday of July and August.
From 13h to sunset

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