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Sfeerbeeld Koer de France

The Koer de France is back! During the Ghent Festivities during the day, enjoy a large chair with a Ricard, Rosé or Orangina in a beach chair in the Tour de France. Afterwards, enjoy the most exciting mountain stages with French musical entertainment of the highest level. Allez, allez, venez!

During the Ghent Festivities (from 19 to 22 July) you can go to our hidden courtyard near the Vrijdagmarkt, for a piece of France feeling. The fans of the Tour de France enjoy on large screens the most exciting mountain rides, waxed legs and bronzed arms. You can admire the polka dot jersey at full speed and in close-up while you lie down in our blissful seats.

Feel free to bring your offspring and let them take a Tour on their own. Do you prefer to cycle in the sweat? Test the mountain routes yourself during a race 'race on rolls'. And if you have to be completely exhausted from the effort seen after the day's race, we provide musical entertainment daily from 6pm to 7pm: Cléa Vincent (FR), Les Créateurs, Le Temps d'une Chanson and Bratzlavsky!

On our hidden courtyard you have the perfect excuse to come and have aperitifs while the koters are having fun, while your wife gives her another rosé and you .. you are of course only for the race. To experience Ghent Festivities in a completely responsible way is called that.

► Daily from 2 to 5.30 pm:
Watch the Tour de France on a big screen from a seat / beach chair + children's animation + course on reels and peripheralities

► Daily from 6 to 7 pm:
Apéro & Musique
- July 19: Cléa Vincent (French doll from Paris)
- July 20: Les Créateurs (brother and sister De Schepper, from band Gaspár, bring their own work and favorite French songs)
- 21 July: Le temps d'une chanson (a musical journey to the Montmartre of the 40s and 50s)
- 22 July: Bratzlavsky (idiosyncratic French pop rock by a French-speaking Gentenaar)


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