Jardin Bohémien

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Sfeerbeeld Jardin Bohémien

All Kortrijkzanen are welcomed with open arms and lots of love in the Jardin, the summer bar is a real hidden treasure in Overleie, because of the tropical design, many seating areas and plants it is really a quiet oasis in the city center. The location is the terrace of the vacant villa on the corner of Sint-Amandslaan and Kollegestraat. Anyone who comes to Jardin Bohémien can expect jazz and lounge music.

There will be a wide range of activities that will delight both the smallest bohemian and the biggest bohemian. From acoustic concerts to various interactive workshops. Bothered by this mystery? Come and discover it live with a bohemian drink and snack.

The bar is open from Wednesday to Sunday, even on public holidays, from 11 am until the end of August.

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