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Sfeerbeeld Kort-Bij

This summer the summer bar of Kort-Bij is a guest at the Heerlijkheid van Heule. A beautiful green environment at a bio farm, where the children can play to their heart's content with the material or material that they brought with them. The parents can feel comfortable or enjoy on our terrace.
Everyone is welcome every Sunday from July and August from July 16th to come and taste some snacks and drinks from the shop of Stadsboerderij Kortrijk and the Heerlijkheid van Heule itself. From 23/07 there are also delicious ice creams available from the local Epicurus, traditional bioro ice cream.

Visitors can come pick-nick with a self-brought pick-nick or buy something from our range.
An activity will regularly be planned. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest info!
From 16/07 every Sunday from 11 to 18h

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