{{ copy.detail.summerbarin }} Tongeren (Fonteindreef 8)

The summer pop-up bar from Lucie & Jimmy & Bart in Plinius Tongeren.

Together with our partner Bart Nicolaers (owner Infirmerie and café au Phare) we are going to throw ourselves completely into this new adventure! We love a challenge and are ambitious!

Cocktails, tapas and finely finished sharings plates are the keywords on our menu; The atmosphere is blown in with live bands! Theme days such as brunches, afterworks and BBQ days are also on schedule!

Our new Concept BRASA (grilling) will last 12 weeks, Start date 15 June to 3 September 7 days a week. This is linked to the swimming pool of Tongeren our cocktail / tapas bar can also be reached via the sunbathing areas of the swimming pool

Pliniuspark is 5 minutes from the center, has ample parking, enjoy in peace and beautiful natural surroundings and is in our opinion the perfect location to open a fantastic summer bar.

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